Serroplast group

Since 1999, we have created and produced a vast array of solutions for each type of order at our Rutigliano (BA) headquarters: shading nets to guarantee protection against wind and hail; swimming pool nets, insect nets, grape and cherry covers, breathing nets as well as a wide range of accessories for vineyard preparation.

Serroplast covers an area of 70,000 square meters, has evolved, and specialized over time through continuous research and development activities.
An important fact that ultimately proves the validity of our nets and covers emerge from our optimal results in protection and resistance from climate events, found both in countries with tropical climates (Kenya, the Middle East, Sri Lanka and South America) and with harsh climates (Northern Europe), where hail usually causes irreparable damage to crops.

“We look at the future observing the roots of our vineyards.”

The Borracci’s family

We are able to meet the specific demands of customers by preparing a range of specific and personalized production solutions, using highly specialized techniques to find unique solutions tailored to the types of results desired.
Nicola Borracci
Chief executive officer

What I have done in my life was always indicated by one thought: all we give to others, we give to ourselves.

Marisa Carbonara

Taking care of the nature, is the most generous act a father can do for his own children.

Stefano Borracci
Sales Manager

I aspire to become a landmark in the international table grape industry.

Giuseppe Borracci
New Market Developer

A love working for quality and not for quantity. Having a strong team is extremely important to grow.

Serroplast Group


Year of Foundation

Rutigliano (BA)

Nicola Borracci


Vineyard locations around the world
Italy, Portugal and Chile