Quality and high performances

From the enthusiasm of the beginnings to today’s awareness of our means, the company has been able to exploit over time the acquired competence and the ever-deeper knowledge of the plastic film production sector, arriving to expand on the international market.

Experience and tradition have been able to merge with the propensity for research and innovation. This is why Serroplast looks to the future with confidence, certain of being able to set new and important goals to achieve. This philosophy of dialogue with the business has allowed us to approach new markets in Italy and abroad with great success despite the presence of companies already established in these territories, increasing the production volume and at the same time the range of products, positively recognized for their extraordinary quality and effectiveness.

At the base of the progressive growth of the company and the excellent results we achieve every day there is a modus operandi aimed at improving the quality of the products and services offered. Day after day, we attempt to make our products unique because, before being than producers and traders of agricultural covers, we are wine growers and therefore we understand nature. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, which is why the company works to meet all pre and post sales needs.

The importance of consulting

Our added value is the guidance offered by specialized technicians in both viticulture and plant installation techniques.



Identifying the market window, the type of grapes and the needs of the customer.


Project improvement

Support for choosing the most suitable materials for the project. The great experience gained in this field allows us to provide the right advice in order to follow the vineyard design step by step up to the harvesting of the fruits.
“We protect the brand of our customers, as well as their product.”