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Serroplast is continuously researching innovative technological solutions.

Serroplast manufactures and markets all the accessories necessary to create innovative systems, providing the client with continuous consultancy by specialized personnel from the moment of the inspection to the construction of the structure.

In fact, Serroplast makes use of the help of internal consultants specialized in the design and installation of suitable structures for farmers.

Stages of realization of a turnkey structure


Serroplast technicians go directly to the field to understand the type of structure to be designed based on cultivation, soil and exposure to atmospheric agents.Our technicians have the task of helping and educating the client in the correct installation of the structure.


This is the most delicate phase since a wrong installation can compromise all the design work and the yield of the crops.

After installation, with the help of latest generation machinery, the structure is assembled by means of nets or sheets.


Customers can rely on the advice of Serroplast agronomists who periodically go to the fields to realize how the various stages of fruit ripening proceed and intervene in case of need.

What are the advantages of a turnkey structure?

Make the process self-financed.

With a turnkey structure the customer can make use of specialized technicians and agronomists who will support him in choosing the best technologies based on his crops to have his economic return over time.

What our customers have noticed:

  • Improvement of water resources: using appropriate sheets, the plant needs less water. Customers claim to have saved up to 30% of water resources.
  • Improving the quality of the fruit: technologies suitable for the fruit reduce the use of pesticides, favoring the genuineness of the fruit.