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The innovative technique to preserve table grapes after harvesting.

Serroplast produces and sells plastic Films for the protection of table grapes from over 30 years.

In the last five years, Serroplast has decided to expand its business coherently with the company’s mission: to protect fruit from external agents, deciding to invest also in technological solutions during the post-harvest phase.

After several industrial research studies, it was decided to work on the development and diffusion of SmartPac technology.

SmartPac is a patent of an Australian university research, acquired and developed by Quimas, a Chilean company, oriented towards eco-friendly packaging solutions for long-range transport.

SmartPac is a preservation packaging consisting of a single multi-level film that allows the natural moisture of the fruit to circulate through the inner layers of the coating allowing a linear preservation of the product for long periods.

The principle around which SmartPac was conceived and developed is simple: high conservation performance through a sustainable product.

SmartPac sustainability


  • 1 vs 4: a single material to dispose of instead of 4 (envelope, absorbent sheet, paper and pad)
  • Less total amount of waste to be disposed
  • more rapid cooling of the product that allows a smaller amount of energy in the refrigeration process
  • 100% recyclable material


  • Time-saving product: shorter packaging times and simplification and rapidity of the unpacking process for the sales points
  • Lower waste disposal costs
  • Less waste management in terms of cost and time
  • Lower costs for product refrigeration
Different packaging_ SMARTPAC